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Rachel and Elliot – Beach Wedding

Rachel and Elliot got married at one of their favorite beaches on St. George Island, Florida. Rachel walked down through the sand into the aisle-way made of shells they harvested together on their many trips to the island. Elliot awaited her with his sly smile that seems like he’s secretly telling her something without using words. The weather was a bit scary at first, but the rain held off and these two, along with their close friends and family, had a cool and windy but beautiful day of celebration. Here are a few of our favorite shots from our time spent with these guys.


st_george_island_florida_wedding_0044st_george_island_florida_wedding_0045What a fabulous day it was spending time with this sweet couple and their awesome families. Since we had already shot Rachel’s sister’s wedding the month before, it truly felt like we were a part of their family and we were so humbled by the hospitality they showed to us. Fabulous wedding and even more fabulous families!



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Lindsay & Morgan ~ Wedding Day

Lindsay and Morgan are a precious couple. I know I say that a lot, but these two have their foundation firmly rooted in the Lord and their love is so genuine and simple. Their wedding day was held at a church that means so much to them, Church on the Hill, and their reception was at the adorable Saltbox Inn. The day was filled with hand-made touches from Lindsay and her very talented mother (who even made the girls’ bridesmaid dresses herself!) and their guests were all close family and friends who showered them with encouragement and praises all day. Not only that, but their bridal party was a hoot and made those group shots so much more fun! Thanks Lindsay and Morgan for letting us document your special day!


2014-06-02_0001.jpg2014-06-02_0011.jpgLindsay’s mom painted these TOMs because Disney is Lindsay’s favorite spot – also their honeymoon destination! 2014-06-02_0002.jpg2014-06-02_0003.jpg2014-06-02_0004.jpg2014-06-02_0005.jpg2014-06-02_0007.jpg2014-06-02_0008.jpg2014-06-02_0006.jpg2014-06-02_0012.jpg2014-06-02_0022.jpg2014-06-02_0013.jpg2014-06-02_0027.jpg2014-06-02_0025.jpg2014-06-02_0021.jpg2014-06-02_0026.jpg2014-06-02_0014.jpg2014-06-02_0015.jpg2014-06-02_0016.jpg2014-06-02_0017.jpg2014-06-02_0019.jpg2014-06-02_0020.jpg2014-06-02_0036.jpg2014-06-02_0037.jpg2014-06-02_0038.jpg2014-06-02_0039.jpg2014-06-02_0040.jpg2014-06-02_0041.jpg2014-06-02_0034.jpg2014-06-02_0024.jpg2014-06-02_0028.jpg2014-06-02_0031.jpg2014-06-02_0032.jpg2014-06-02_0033.jpg

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Brittany & Russell ~ Wedding Day

Brittany and Russell got married on a gorgeous March day at the Collegeside Church of Christ in Cookeville, Tennessee. This couple is so much fun to be around – Russ has his own set of inside jokes that he likes to slide in anytime he can, and Brittany is the type of person who can punch right back. It’s actually super adorable and they each can make the other laugh with what seems like just a glance. Their wedding day started with a few minutes of time to be alone with each other (and us standing by capturing it of course) which really loosened them up to have a great day with each other and their friends and family. Stay tuned for Brittany’s cherry blossom bridals, coming soon.



  • May 27, 2014 - 2:03 pm

    Sherri LaFever - Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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Shawna & Myke ~ Wedding

Shawna and Myke’s fall wedding was a memorable one for us. For starters, Shawna and I have been friends for some time. Secondly, their day was all about their union. This couple opted not to have a bridal party but instead to simply have close friends and family there to witness their vows. No obligations, just love. And for bonus points – their adorable dog Cliff was their ring bearer, and he proudly displayed their actual rings on his collar and brought them to the altar for this bride and groom. So sweet. This October outdoor wedding was a chilly one, but the atmosphere was so relaxed and full of support for these two. After the sun set and everyone gathered under the tent for dinner and cupcakes (and the much needed heaters), there was nothing but smiles and laughter, and we were so glad we had the pleasure of documenting it.

I can’t resist telling you – this bride was actually messaging ME here as I’m taking her picture. Here I am thinking she’s texting her groom. Nope, just messing with her photographer. Shawna, I love your goofball ways.I LOVE Brandon’s shot of Myke’s adorable reaction (below)This one is going to be a canvas – I can feel it! I don’t always do this, but Shawna and I agreed we had become like sisters as we prepared for her wedding. So, a sister shot :)We were sent home with some of these cupcakes (and Stroud’s Palmer Tea) – the way to our hearts right there. Delicious!
Congratulations you two – we look forward to seeing you soon!

  • March 29, 2014 - 1:28 am

    Judy Green - Beautiful pictures. Congrats to the photographer.

  • March 29, 2014 - 11:00 pm

    Denice Poston Whittaker - Beautiful pictures! Beautiful bride!!!

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Asia & Drew – Wedding

These two had one of the most precious wedding days. The weather was perfect and these two will make anyone smile just seeing them together. They are so genuine and loving, and even on their special day, they were concerned about making others feel welcomed and comfortable. Their ceremony was held in their family field, the same field where Drew proposed to Asia by carving “Marry Me” into a tree. Here’s the link to that precious engagement session. They had beautiful handmade decorations with vintage furniture and a gorgeous altar built from their family’s wood. Although their ceremony was literally the fastest we’ve ever witnessed, it allowed for some insanely beautiful sunset shots at the perfect time. You know I’m a sucker for that golden glow. After the sun set, we arrived at the reception where Asia’s father and his band played (fantastically I might add) and the party started. October 12 could not have been more perfect for Drew and his Asia, and their friends and family will agree. We are so blessed to have befriended this couple through the journey of their wedding photography experience and we look forward to many more dinner dates in the future!                                                                                                                                     As a surprise to the couple, the grandmother’s gave them a box of butterflies to release at the conclusion of their ceremony.

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